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Fun Activities in a Book for Coloring and Games playing

You go to the store. You buy an activities book. A third of it is really cool. A third of it is eh, – ok? ... A third or a fourth is useless, but you plow through it because it is there. Then the book is used up. You can convince your mom and or dad to stick your pictures on the fridge, and that’s OK, but you’d like to have a fresh new form to work out of one of your favorite coloring pictures. Or you need a new clean dots and boxes page or someone has already crossed off and marked up the word search YOU wanted to do YOURSELF!


Well, that’s just no longer an issue. You get to print all or part of the book. If you’ve already printed the whole thing and someone used the activity you wanted to use, you can re-print just the pages YOU want.


What’s really great is that it it only two bucks ($1.99).  That’s probably less than mom and dad spend on a cup of coffee, if anyone young enough to have young kids at home still drinks coffee anymore these days.