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A Blackjack Simulator and Card Counting Trainer

Black Jack Simulator for Card Counting Practice

Updates with enhancements will be forthcoming. Updates will be downloaded automatically.


This program may help you answer the following questions:

  1. Will card counting make me rich?

  2. Can it give you an edge?

  3. Where is the best place to sit at the table?

  4. Is it better to sit at a full table or where few are playing?

  5. Is it better to sit with Competent or Crazy players?

  6. How often might the count be in your favor?



Here’s what you get.

  1. Seven Different Counting Methods

  2. Choose from One to Seven Players

  3. Choose for the computer to play all positions so you can observe

      and count

  4. Choose other players’ play style. (Normal or Nut)

  5. Learn here before you go to class.


Yours for the low Price of $9.95