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Mahjong Chinese International Game


Mahjong is a four player game of skill, originating in China. It is similar to Western Gin Rummy in concept.

There are many versions of Mahjong, but the main 4 are

· Chinese

· Hong Kong

· American

· Japanese.


This game works on Chinese Mahjong rules. The Chinese Official rules are

also referred to as the Official International Rules and these gained recognition in January 1998 when the State Sports Commission of China recognised Mahjong as the 255th sport!

In China in particular there are many regional variations of the game, but

whichever version is being played, game play is broadly similar. However, the game pieces (called tiles), and the scoring system varies slightly between regions. The overall concept in Mahjong is to build sets of tiles, and get the highest point value.


Play online with others or play against the machine.