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Classic 5 X 5 Tiles Puzzle

Classic 5 X 5 Tiles Puzzle

They had these things in the dime store for a nickel when I was a Kid.


OK, no one still knows what a dime store is anymore, but that’s fine.  You can still use one of these to kill a serious amount of time. Who knows? Maybe you are stuck on a problem which will simply not be resolved.  Maybe you just need a little bit of mindless diversion. This is it, and it starts off scrambled and you may play it as long as you like.


After all, the more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.


Clear your mind; blow off bit of steam in a relatively harmless way. Have some childish fun.




Yours for only 99 cents.


After 47 years of inflation, that’s a bargain!